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Privacy Policy

Administrator and contact person

Teemu Korpilahti
Kaanaankatu 5 A 9
00560 Helsinki

Name of the register survey register

The purpose of the register

Invitation of participants to research surveys and linking of an individual participant's survey data accross multiple surveys.

Content of the register

The register contains participants' replies to the survey questions and their email addresses.

Data sources

The data is collected through survey forms on this website.

Assignation of register data

The administrator of the register will not assign data to third parties.

Removal of data

Individual data will be removed by the administrator from the register when requested by individual registrant.


The information is confidentially stored in a separate database on the server where only the administrator of the website has access.



The content of this site, if not otherwise stated, is shared under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License.

Privacy policy